RC Construction vehicles- A unique Christmas or birthday present

A hike in the demand for radio controlled vehicles can be seen among the kids as well as in adults alike. If you are looking for a nice Christmas or birthday gift for the one who is crazy about radio controlled models then here are various options available for you. Just visit Top Race and there you will find a wide range of RC construction vehicles, from dump trucks to excavators to wheel loaders etc.

Let’s take a look at the some of these vehicles which are popular now- a- days:

RC Excavator with Claw Logging Bucket Attachment

This type of RC Excavator is different from the normal digging bucket excavator as it has got a different bucket attachment that has a hydraulic claw. It is a perfect gift for those kids who want to create an environment of farm and forest work which includes harvesting of trees, load logging trucks, creating a loading zone of logging equipment etc.


➤ It’s a multi- functional tractor vehicle with the ability to grab using its heavy steel fork.

➤ It features 680- degree cab rotation and flaunts 3 separate motors on digging arm. Not only this, it has a motor on fork too, to move it up and down to its full extent.

➤ 2.4 GHz transmitter is fitted in the product for hassle- free performance. The device can perform well even at a distance of more than 100 feet.

➤ It uses 700mah rechargeable battery to power the vehicle.

RC Wheel Loader

The remote control construction wheel loader is a nice model that will add more fun to your kid’s play. It will turn your kid’s sandbox into construction site which has a work for mining, digging etc. Just gift it to them and the kids will have hours of endless fun.


➤ It is a fully functional vehicle with all round movement and has light and sound too.

➤ 2.4 GHz of radio control enable you to control the device from up to 100 feet.

➤ It s a 1:24 Ready to Run Wheel Loader which gets its power from a 4.8 V rechargeable battery pack.

RC Dump Truck

The RC Dump truck can carry loads of dirt and features the complete hydraulic dump action along with lights and sound which is definitely going to make your child’s play more entertaining. This truck when paired with the RC Excavator will give your child some serious digging power on their hands. It is made with superior radio control components and has following specs:


➤ The dump truck is fully functional i.e. it can move forward, backward, left, right, Dump Bed up and down.

➤ It features lights and sounds too.

➤ 2.4 GHz of effective transmission power.

➤ Comes with a 4.8 V of rechargeable battery pack.

RC Logging Equipment

If your child is looking to create forestry and logging site, then this RC Logging equipment is the ideal machine for log loading and logging truck loading zones. The model makes a realistic sound when in working mode and its frequency won’t interfere if you want to run multiple RC equipments. Let’s take a look at its specifications:


➤ Light and sound feature makes the working of the equipment look more amazing.

➤ It has got 720- degree rotation and is fully functional.

➤ No interference is experienced with other radio controlled equipments with its 40 MHz frequency control.

➤ For power, it uses 4 rechargeable AA batteries.

All these radios controlled vehicles discussed above give an experience of operating full- size machinery. They are good for taking the imagination of kids to the next level and adults can remember their childhood through these. So just go to Top Race and book your favourite out of the long list of construction vehicles.

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