Xenophobia is now the UK's official state policy.
Helen De Cruz

Thanks for writing this, Helen. I’m in the same situation. The worst thing is, everyone just dismisses my concerns with “oh you’ll be alright, you’re safe, you’ve lived here for so long”. My family back in my home country, native Brits; they just don’t understand. “But you’ve lived in UK for more than 5 years, those that have lived in UK for 5 years can stay.” Like, first of all, it’s not as easy as that and two, it’s not just about being “allowed to stay”. It’s the quality of life too. Imagine you have a house and you allow the tenant to live, but don’t ensure that heating, water, electricity are working, roof doesn’t leak, etc — and you feel so smugly superior about letting the tenant live in that house. That wouldn’t be right, would it? Especially as EU’s offer to Brits in EU was so generous (generous as in what it really means, not Theresa May generous).

I’m thankful we can all connect on the social media. We know what we’re going through, we understand each other. I should also say thanks to all the pro-EU groups that tirelessly keep on fighting the good fight.

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