Tummy Tuck for Weight Loss???

OMG, I just met a woman who was upset with her doc after having two tummy tucks!!! Like, really… She was unhappy 6 months after her 2nd tuck because she was gaining weight…again. So her solution was to find another doc to do it again and this time get it right! So many women want to look amazing…at any price. I even thought about doing a similar procedure to get that desired look too! I’m just a scaredy cat. And with spring and summer coming, I am hearing that buzz word again…TUMMY TUCK!!!

Girl, a tummy tuck is not a permanent weight loss solution. I asked this woman to tell me what she was eating and how much, if any, exercise she was doing. She told me she barely eats — a bagel for breakfast, a small sandwich (if she isn’t busy for lunch) and a large dinner; oh, with lots of carbs too. No time to workout because she works too many hours. Wala, there’s the problem..no one told you what to do after that surgery.

Yes, a tummy tuck is a cosmetic procedure that will remove excess fat and SKIN in the abdominal area to create a smoother and firmer abdominal area. Any size, large or small, all of us can have an abdominal area that is loose, sagging or protrudes. Some of the causes are pregnancy, heredity, aging, considerable weight fluctuations and surgery. I had 3 C-sections and man oh man…sag, sag, sag. Boohoo…

However…before deciding to undergo this cosmetic surgical procedure, make sure that you are aware of the pros and cons of having a tummy tuck. Read on to be informed of the different pros and cons of this surgical procedure.


The main benefit to having this surgery is a tighter, firmer and flatter belly in an instant. But hold that statement as I will explain later. You get instant results without sweating or eating rabbit food. Surgery will surely decrease your waistline a couple of inches instantly. Even the best diet and exercise programs cannot give you the results you can get instantly with this surgery.

Now, if you have given birth to enormous babes or had to have them removed via C-Section like me, you may definitely suffer with unsightly excess skin and stretch marks. And if you lost 50lbs or more, you go girl!!! That’s awesome and now you want to show us what you working with! I get it and if it works for you, go for it!!!

However, there are some serious reasons to look at both sides of this surgery and there is a flip side.


There is always a risk when it comes to major surgery like a tummy tuck. There is also a risk of death along with other health risks ranging from simple to severe. You may be able to minimize these risks by choosing a highly qualified surgeon.

And lets not discuss how very expensive they can be. And the woman I was talking to spent over $17,000 in 5 years. That’s not a small piece of change and not covered by most health insurance companies. Also, having a tummy tuck can cause scar in the area especially when performed by an inexperienced surgeon. The recovery time for this procedure is also lengthy ranging from a few weeks to a couple of months.

Planning on having more children? Then please save your money and wait for later. Take that money and go on a vacation or buy a hot tub of some sort.

And lastly and most importantly, so many people look at a tummy tuck as a quick weight loss plan. So the biggest thing is that if you are going to use a tummy tuck as a weight loss option but have not decided to incorporate a healthy lifestyle after your procedure, don’t do it. If you did all of your research and are ready to go under the knife, then more power to you.