You Are Addicted To Bottled Water

Many years ago the thought of bottling up water sounded absolutely absurd! Who in their right mind would pay for something that we turn on our faucets on to drink? And now, the latest 2017 statistics show that Americans are drinking more bottled water than soda. Total bottled water consumption in the U.S. rose about 9% to 12.8 billion gallons in 2016.

So is this bad? Isn’t our tap water full of chlorine and fluoride? I don’t live near a mountain spring or an iceberg full of amazing water, so isn’t this all there is? The answer is no but most people will never seek out alternative solutions simply because that 24 pack case of your bottled water just went on sale in Publix’s for $3.99. So guess what you do? Yup, you stock up, right? It’s 2017 and our bodies are 75% water and we are what we ingest, including our water. I just want you to rethink water.

I’m here to tell you something that you may not like about those bottled waters you are drinking and spending thousands of dollars on every year.

They are super acidic and there’s more:

It’s simply purified tap water. FOR THE VERY MOST PART they are taking regular city tap water and running it through a handful of processes that clean all the contaminants out.

These bottles may have been sitting in a hot warehouse for a long time. So when they tell you not to keep water bottles in the hot car, do you know why? It’s the chemicals that are in the plastic that leech into the water. But, what about the water at the warehouse? Do you know if you are that one drinking the older water? Who knows what you’re drinking!!!

It’s so convenient to take your water but think about your health!? Why do you drink water in the first place? Hydration, thirst or because someone told you to.

And what about the recycling of the plastic? If you really think your water bottles are getting recycled take a look at this picture. The wildlife are consuming this plastic and it’s being dumped into the ocean. So when I read a statistic about plastic bottles and the consumption, it has more to do with how we as a population are blindly doing things to ourselves without even opening our eyes to what is around us.

Yikes, good people it is time to break your addition to bottled water. If you rely on bottled water as your only source of drinking water, you are…

A D D I C T E D. So let’s try this and see if this helps. FIRST, You will have to change your mindset regarding your health.. and also the environment…if you choose to care.

Steps to Break Your Bottled Water Addiction

These are so simple and I’m not sure why more people don’t think about this.

FILTER YOUR TAP WATER — saves money, time, the environment and your HEALTH.

  • Simple Way — get an inexpensive water filter from the local store to filter out chlorine, fluoride, contaminants, and lead. It’s inexpensive, convenient and environmentally friendly.
  • Smart Way — purchase a reverse osmosis water system for your home to get rid of contaminants to provide safe, automated, good tasting water for your home.
  • Genius Way — put your health first and purchase an ionizer that will not only give you delicious tasting water but will also include minerals.
  • ALKALIZE — Your body will feel better and you may even start to notice some of your weight and health issues disappear!!!

Lastly, here is a cool tip!!! Filter your water, purchase a GLASS portable water bottle and pour your own water daily. And in the summer get some ice packs and a small container to place your glass bottles in.

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To Your Health,


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