5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Team Communication App

Due to their advanced features and a large number of benefits, enterprise chat apps have become very popular in workplaces. There are multiple options for organizations when it comes to choosing business chat apps. However, only a few will be a fit for your organization.

Here we help you to find the right one with these important factors to consider.

Feasibility across platforms and devices

With the advent of a plethora of devices in the present era, it is not irrational to expect all devices to have the same underlying OS. This is why your enterprise real-time messaging solution should be supported across platforms, both desktop and mobile.

User Experience

The purpose of a team communication app is to get work done fast. Mobile devices, unlike desktop devices come with certain limitations, like power backup, frequent alterations in network connectivity, small screen size, etc. An enterprise chat app is a fit for your organization when it offers a smooth, clean and intuitive user experience.


Security is one of the most important concerns for organizations. Mobility has opened a new set of trepidations in this regard. Employees may be worried about the accessibility of their personal information by the company and vice-versa, a company about their confidential information accessible via a device that can be easily lost. Therefore, you should make sure to choose a team communication app that can provide a complete security cover on security issues, data-level security, end to end encryption, identity management, device level security, etc.

Rapid deployment

Real-time messaging solutions should be designed in such a way that you can achieve a speedy return on your investment. The ideal business chat solution implementation should need no programmers, technical support, or consultants. To achieve maximum ROI, the enterprise chat application should be able to be used right away and need not depend on a specialized training program.


You are implementing a chat platform as a communication hub, therefore, it should be capable of receiving and delivering messages to and fro, more than just end-users. Choose a robust chat platform that can integrate with other software solutions to receive updates.

Nowadays, business chat apps come with so many features that you may forget to consider the aspects mentioned above. Keep the need for your business at priority while picking up a real-time messaging platform.

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