Avoid These 3 Crucial Mistakes When Hiring a Lawyer

As an entrepreneur, you may be facing various challenges of operating your business. Among them, the last thing you are worrying about is a legal problem. Many businesses in Abu Dhabi put off the dealing with the legal provide as they don’t have much idea about it, they don’t have time and most commonly they are afraid of taking the matter into the court. They don’t know how to find a good corporate lawyer to handle the case.

Here are common mistakes that business make when choosing lawyers in Abu Dhabi.

Failure to Ask Questions

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when looking for a lawyer. It’s important to ask the attorney you want to hire for a case such yours. Ask about his experience, credentials. Ask about the satisfied clients who have given testimonials. Make sure who will be working on your case besides the lawyer. Ask how they will be able to handle your telephone calls? What’s the way of charging clients? Also, make it clear the lawyers expect, how he or she will keep you informed of progress on your case.

You should also discuss how the lawyer will present your case, what the strategies he will be setting out are and what evidence he will need to prove your point in the court. You can also ask questions about the court procedures or other procedures associated with your case or legal matter. If you come across certain term that you cannot understand, ask your lawyer about and let him explain it to you.

Failure to Stay In Touch

It’s not always the lawyer who you are to blame for not working. In your case, you need to inform all the essential information to your lawyer. For example, if you are going somewhere or have changed you place and contact number, it’s important to inform your lawyer about the same. You should hide anything from him. You should be more than active to keep your attorney abreast of changes in your circumstances, employment and residence contact information.


It’s your responsibility to investigate the lawyer before hiring him. You should google him, interview more than one lawyer, ask who is the best corporate lawyer in the area. You should investigate well.

So next time you search for a lawyer, make sure you are not doing the mistakes mentioned above.