Benefits of Getting PVC Cladding Done

Cladding has become very important in today’s time and the need to get the right cladding material is imperative. Commercial as well as residential establishments need cladding as a form of protection from external wear and tear. Using the right material can make the walls and roof of the establishments less vulnerable to rains, strong winds, and UV rays. This is the reason why cladding contractors have high demand in the market.

Forms of Cladding
The advancement of technology has made it possible to protect the establishments easily. There are different forms of cladding available today, while some are of metallic cladding others are non-metallic cladding.

Metallic Cladding
In metallic cladding metals such as aluminum and others are constructed using UPVC. A protective layer is bonded to the metal material over insulated pipes, vessels, tanks, irregular shaped equipment, etc. This makes the metal building materials less prone to corrosion and rusting caused by exposure to oxygen and moisture.

Non-Metallic Cladding
In non-metallic cladding metals are not used, but a popular substance called Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) is used to coat the insulated pipes, vessels, tanks, etc. PVC clad materials are highly preferred by home owners as well as in commercial sector. Other substances like GRP, UV curved FRP, Polymeric barriers, etc. is also used for non-metallic cladding.

Benefits of PVC Cladding

Resistant to Mold Formation
Mold formation on the walls of home or offices is not a good sight. The fear of micro-organisms inhabiting on walls is the reason why people switched to using PVC coated materials, because a number of elements used in homes are prone to mold formation. Since PVC doesn’t stay moist for longer duration, even the moisture collected due to the rain immediately dries up and doesn’t trigger mold development.

Less Maintenance
Unlike other forms of cladding, the elements with PVC cladding do not require constant monitoring and maintenance. A simple soap wash can help you keep the elements clean and in good condition. Moreover, it is not prone to denting or withering, thus you can install PVC elements in your home and forget about them.

PVC is a Safe Cladding Material
Though, PVC is a synthetic material it is safe to be exposed or used. A lot of items that are being used today are created with PVC raw materials; from medicine bags to food packaging to water bottles all are made from PVC.

Bottom Line
If you are constructing your home or office in Dubai, you must opt for cladded elements. Since cladding is a way of protecting elements of the house, you need to get in touch with a reliable cladding contractor in Dubai while designing your home.

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