How to Sell Your Timeshares in Orlando, Florida?

Selling your timeshares in Orlando, Florida can be a big challenge, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You need to understand the market in order to get the right value and avoid any complications. If you have got a timeshare in Orlando and want to sell it, then this article is worth a read. Let’s go through it and get insights into how to sell timeshares.

Play the location cards

While you have been trained to think of building and condos as real estate, what you will be actually selling is a vacation. You should play the card of location like mountains, beach, skiing, family-friendly, solitude that get people attention to a great extent. If your timeshares in Orlando in Florida is at a prime location, changes are you will be paid higher than having timeshares in outskirts of the city.

Price is key

Always remember that price is the key. It’s essential to do your due diligence. Do all your homework like with the building management company or local tax offices for making sure what kind of prices timeshares have sold for of late.

Look for comparable prices-look

Do keep in mind to look for comparable price-look when checking resale value for units similar in location, size, facility, age and one you want to sell.

Consider hiring a timeshare appraiser

Hiring a timeshare appraiser is the right step. Look for one which is authentic, licensed in Orlando. Timeshare appraisers are supposed to have recent sales information that you can’t easily get.

Choose directory submission sites

Choosing an online directory submission site to sell your timeshare sounds excellent. Many sites offer you online platform to update their timeshares details like locations, facilities, prices, etc. A good site is the right platform to sell, buy or rent out timeshares. This is the power of World Wide Web and cost-effective way to reach a huge potential pool of buyers. However, you can also choose to advertise locally through newspapers.

Timeshare Management Company

You can also go for timeshare management companies. You need to check them to learn about regulations they may have about the resale option.


So follow the above instructions to sell your timeshares at the right prices. However, it’s essential to know that some local brokers may cheat you. So don’t get trapped in their network. Internet is the best solution to sell your timeshares.