Today’s Republican is not yesterdays Republican.
Kirk Welch

GM Pro Lifer’s and Pro Choice people. To me the Pro Lifer’s only care about the fetus not the female or her already existing children. It’s control over her body they want to exercise. PL don’t look at the whole female her needs, her concerns, her state in life mentally or phycially , where she has been and where she wants to go. Pro birthing is against the law. I’m Pro Choice because I have seen the sufferings of females in my smal l hometown and in my relatives . I understand it is the taking of a unborn life and still that supperseeds the pain I’ve seen in females . What I don’t understand is why PL people don’t focus more on birth control for the poor females . I’m very pro birth control . If a female is in good health mentally and phycially has a suportive family and lots of money to see a unwanted pregnancy through that is their choice not mine. +

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