Mickey’s Taven, ladies restroom

How many times now have I stared down the door of the Mickey’s Tavern bathroom willing someone to leave so I can enter. Wait. Did someone leave while I was writing this? Shit. Now I have to wait for someone else to check. Yes. I did miss someone leaving but now someone else is in there. Wait. Is anyone noticing how closely I’m staring at the bathroom door? My back is twisted in an unnatural position. Surely someone’s questioning why I’m not facing my friends but staring intently at the bathroom. Ok, someone left the men’s bathroom but someone else was eyeing it. Do I go in there instea — -SHES OUT!

One red bulb lights the bathroom — a decision sets the vibe. I like the circle mirror facing the toilet and the larger side mirror to my right. I like the high ceilings and the paneled walls. The water was hot and they have actual paper towels. It’s everything you need in a tiny cube of space. Essennally, this bathroom works. But only once you’re in. And only if you know what you’re getting into. And, honestly, after all that, it’s really maybe only worth it for the side butt selfie I just took to show off my donut tattoo.

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