The Belcourt Theater: Third Stall from the Left

Whenever someone asks me about my thoughts on the Belcourt renovations, the first thing I talk about is the bathroom. Which is cliche — I KNOW— because everyone gave them shit about their old bathroom being too small, cramped, not handicap excessible. It’s an easy thing to bring up as an improvement, so I like to take the conversation further because I don’t just like The Belcourt bathroom because it’s better than the old one. I like it because of the monochromatic color scheme, the six roomy stalls ive never had to wait in line for, the one large trough sink with three faucets and the full body mirror. I like it because once I met a woman in there who helped me think through Tom Ford’s 2016 thriller, Nocturnal Animals. (We were both left underwhelmed). I like that it’s well-lit and they have paper towels instead of hand driers. I like that it’s a bathroom where I always feel like I can take my time. And most of all, I like it because I just dropped a water bottle in my stall and it rolled under the partition to the woman next to me who helped me navigate what we even do in this situation and this post is so long because I’m not ready to face her and I’m waiting for her to wash her hands and leave.

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