Perfection is a myth 👀-

How is it that we can think perfection is achievable, when even a diamond has flaws, and it’s a rare diamond that doesn’t?

I say it is instead your imperfect flaws that create your beauty, and who you are, or even who you will become later on. The story you will write about your life will be an interesting read, because it will be full of flawed moments, and times you might rather forget. Yet, you overcame those "obstacles" 🏆 and can add that to your story as well...that is what will make your life interesting and full, and a good book for your children to read, not perfection...perfection has no passion because it has stopped trying, and that’s a boring ending to any story, don’t you think?

What you do with those flaws, and how you touch peoples lives with those flaws...That will take your story off the dusty shelf of mediocrity, (or disgust because it was wasted), and instead put it on the best sellers table in the middle of the store. 📚

Remember, you were meant for the result of your dreams, but dont be perfect, just Be Real to your meaning in this world 🌎, be better than you were yesterday, and take heed to what giving up on your dreams will mean to Your Story... THAT is what will matter most, because your story matters! 📖 👉

So spend more time on the inside, and less on the outside. 
Try NEW Things. 
Love more
Learn more 
Grow more
And Be the Best Version of YOU that you can be!...Because you never know where that adventure may take you, and the glorious stories you still have to tell!

Love & Respect

💎🚀❤~Linda K