Now kindly unfriend me, please

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Photo by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona on Unsplash

A while back, I “unfriended” someone on Facebook because of his blatantly racist posts. At first I just “unfollowed” him — meaning we were still friends, but now I would not see his vitriol pop up on my feed. But then I thought, oh Hell naw, why do I want to have any association with this person at all? I don’t. So bye.

For some reason, I decided to take a look at his page yesterday, and it did not disappoint. He is still a fire-breathing racist, evidenced by a meme showing the Kenosha shooter, with some “funny” text on it — basically praising the actions of the 17-year-old murderer. …


Linda Horton

Born a photographer, but prone to writing haiku on public transportation, or baking things. Death Doula in training. info@lindahortonphotography.com

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