So, I Just Hired a Life Coach

Are you surprised a Life Coach would hire a coach? No need to be. Coaches need coaching too, and we know that it works.

Going through this process of hiring and starting with a new coach reminded me what it feels like to be a client. It made me a little nervous. Why?

Hiring a coach is making a commitment.

  • To yourself
  • To your coach
  • To taking action
  • To facing down fears, resistance, and false belief systems

Why did I hire a coach?

In the last few months I turned my life upside down. Everything is new. Home, community, culture, and a zillion other things. It is now time to get back to work and I realized everything in my 12 year old business is up for questioning as well. This is a great time to review what I have been doing and untangle all those new ideas tickling my brain so I can choose what I really want for the next phase of my work life.

When I think about this my mind keeps going in circles over the same things:

  • Should I stay Life Coach Linda or re-brand under Simple Smart Living, which goes with my business coaching website Simple Smart Business?
  • Do I want to continue to offer the same services I offer now: life coaching, business coaching, and online marketing support? And, if I keep them all, how do I present them cohesively?
  • Are the ideas about simple living and supporting women through midlife that have been flirting with me programs within my existing business or an entirely new direction?
  • How will I create the ideal balance between life, work, and making an income?
  • What are the needs and interests of my new community and how can I serve them?

When I think about these things my mind goes in circles and I feel confused, often a tell tale sign of fear or competing desires getting in the way. I know that I will choose something and move forward, but having a coach support me through this discovery process will be faster and keep me on track.

My new coach can provide outside perspective and catch those blind spots where fear and misbeliefs might be impacting my decisions. Having accountability to move forward is always good too.

What was my process for hiring a coach?

There was a little synchronicity. I woke up with the thought of possibly working with one, opened my computer, and there was a post from this coach. I pay attention to synchronicity, but do my homework as well. My next steps were to:

  • Check out her website for a professional presence and see what I could learn about her beliefs, background, and how she works
  • Review her training, education, and experience — I prefer and recommend professionally trained coaches with at least a few years of experience. If I am not familiar with the training program I research it as I want to avoid anyone whose training is only online or in a weekend course.
  • Schedule a consultation
  • Talk to her on the phone. I listened for signs that she listened well, understood my situation, had experience and training, had ideas for how to help me, and felt like someone that was a good match for me.
  • Make a decision and hire her

Before the first session my brain was already kicking into high gear and I am excited to be playing with ideas and planning the next phase of my business. Just for fun, I made some personal goals too.

Almost everyone can benefit from working with a professional coach for their lives or businesses. Hopefully, sharing my process for moving into a coaching relationship will help you know how to find the right coach for you.

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