The Art of Networking
Loic Le Meur

Great post, good tips. I have never thought to do a contact list for my own personal networking though I do it all the time for the professional contacts only (at the companies I work at each moment). It’s a great idea because I also make a lot of contacts outside the scope of the companies I work for and actually those are usually the ones I need for any personal development. By experience I know makings lists require persistence to keep them update all the time, but it surely is a plus when you need to find someone.
I don’t know either about an app that would make this thing easier. Though all my phone and email contacts are saved on Gmail, it’s not enough as a database. This tip is great, I’ll start making my spreadsheet in Excel, which is good enough for this purpose.

Thanks! What could I do for you to return the favor? Let me know.

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