General Assembly Meet & Hire

As a newly graduate from the GA Web Development Immersive Program, I attended the Meet & Hire event for graduates to meet companies and potentially be hired. The basic premise is that several representatives from different companies around the area that are looking to hire would come into a room with tables set up for graduates and their laptops ready to show their projects. Students would show their completed web applications and talk about the whole process from coming up with the idea to building the website from the ground up. The whole event is extremely casual with food and drinks served, it was very exciting for me to not only practice my elevator pitch but also explaining how my created my web app.

I talked to several companies that are located in the San Francisco Bay Area. The range of companies was great, with several well established ones with hundreds of employees to start-up that were still trying to get off the ground. This allowed me to get a feel as to how to approach talking about different sized work environments and the pros and cons of them.

Many of the questions asked revolved what gave me the idea to come up with my web application. Questions like: “Why did you chose this api?”, “How did you come up with the design?” , and “What was the most challenging part to create?” were the most frequently asked. Though there were a few people that would ask more technical questions, like what frameworks and programming languages I used, everything was casual and things felt more like a chatting with friends than actually talking to potential employers.

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