New Years Resolution’s…

It’s easy to get caught up in the everyday routines that we so desperately want to change & we all seem to want to make a lot of changes at the start of every new year!

Thinking out loud, here’s the problem with that…

New Years Resolution’s rarely work because of the time of year they are made. It’s a “New Year” at midnight when we’re most likely out of town, at a party, drinking, eating & doing some of the things that we’ve vowed NOT to start the new year doing or unable to start what we want to change at this time.

In addition, we might have friends or family in town visiting or we may very well be out of town for New Year’s Eve or the few days following the New Year. It’s hard to stop something or start something new during this time, because after all we’re still on vacation or a least we might have that vacation/holiday mindset.

So, I feel that all my New Years Resolution’s should start on the first Monday after the new year, at a minimum. I feel we should give ourselves at least a week or two to get back into the normal routine that we had before the holidays.

This year, my New Year Resolutions will start by January 15, 2016.

My Resolution’s are to eat healthier, exercise more, find my purpose in life & generally try harder to be a best person I can be.