Did anyone see that episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley when they presented Pied Piper at the conference? Yes? Well, AdTech San Francisco was a bit like that. Many of the company names blurred together as did the presentations, including all of the best buzzwords: engage, click, integrate, reach, personalize, and my personal favorite, revolutionize.

However, I find digging through the clutter to be the most rewarding part. And dig, I did. Thankfully, it turns out that there were a few gems and some learnings along the way. Here are the top three trends:

Getting Back to Basics: As the digital space becomes richer and more complex each day (each minute, each second), there is movement toward simplicity and transparency.

  • Pixalate is a new platform that ensures the dollars you’re spending on media are used wisely. They have created a global media seller “trust index”, comprised of scores given on malware, fraud, masking, viewability, inventory, and more. It’s a great concept to maximize your work and better navigate the landscape. And, in case you’re curious, LinkedIn is #5 of the list, below PubMatic and Rubicon.

Connecting Content to Sales: As we gain more insight into our consumers, we return to the age old question of ROI. At AdTech, it was focused on creating content that leads to purchase in the moment.

  • Digital Social Retail is a one-stop shop for managing your consumer content experience, integrating with store beacons to drive incremental sales. You can connect with window shoppers, those at purchase, and after they’ve left the store with relevant deals and follow-ups. The in-store integration seems strong, but the jury is still out on the social integration.
  • Earshot is a platform that provides location-based insight and real-time information to brands in order to create more relevant content in the moment. It’s more than just where the person is, but where the person is, what they are interested in and what they may need. As we always say at SD, if content is king, then context is emperor.
  • Buzztala specializes in Product Video Ads to drive greater relevance and conversion for mobile users. The service replicates the brand’s existing catalog of products with videos that mobile shoppers prefer, using organic & paid media to drive traffic.

Moving Toward Dynamic Storytelling: As formats continue to change and evolve, there is a push for more dynamic experiences that merge multiple formats.

  • Skipstone is making search and video synonymous, creating a dynamic experience within the video player based on key questions you have. While still in its infancy, this could have interesting implications for brands as they strive to create hyper-targeted content across the consumer lifecycle.
The net of it: Over the past couple years, brands have been moving more toward hyper-targeted content creation. Now, the industry is catching up with more hyper-targeted content distribution, considering multiple ways that consumers may interact in the moment.
We’re eager to track these trends and create some specific, efficient, and crazy creative content for consumers in the moment at SOCIALDEVIANT. Let’s do this.
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