Celebrating New Years Eve — not at Times Square

Recently just as 2015 ended, I was listening to a radio program and the announcer summed it up, that everyone living in New York City has to have on their bucket list, one year of waiting physically in the area of Times Square to see the ball drop. I stared aghast at the radio, tempted to throw it, because this is really not going to ever be on my bucket list.

Some reasons why this is a horrible idea:

  1. Claustrophobia, with expected million people and only a small number of police officers.
  2. Lack of access to clean restroom facilities.
  3. Weather possibilities, New York City as a city is not somewhere like Los Angeles or Miami, with warm weather.
  4. Being herded, search or restricted like cattle.
  5. The very fact to not being able to see the ball drop is a very big deterrent, even within a twenty block radius.

So then I ask, for any annual living New Yorker, who wants to do an activity such as wait around Times Square, rather than stay some where indoors with loved ones? I would never want to get involved in such an activity such as that!

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