Bernie’s latest attack is irresponsible and poisonous.
Robby Mook

False claim my butt ! It’s money laundering plain and simple ! Bernie’s campaign wasn’t the only one who looked at this elaborate scheme the DNC and Clinton cooked up before he wrote that letter !

All through this primary there have been repeated attempts to suppress Sanders supporters votes by hacking into voter registrations and changing them . Hillary Clinton is a very flawed candidate who brings corruption into everything she is involved in ! The nerve of you and the Clinton campaign to suggest this primary is over when there are still over 700 delegates not counted and many states yet to vote . I know you want a coronation but guess what Bernie supporters are in this for the long haul whether you like it or not ! If the DNC is tarnished after this election is over they have brought it on themselves by trying to force on the people of this country a candidate they don’t want and absolutely do not trust ! What were the three things that Hillary told her supporters to do to Bernie ,”destroy him,disqualify him, defeat him and then they can unify the party later.”, . Trust me there will be no unifying the party after this corrupt primary !

You and your paid Hillary pawns do your worst because we will still be here and when the dust clears it will be your own doing if the Democratic party is destroyed over this shamefully corrupt primary ! Shame on you ,the DNC and every superdelegate who was paid off early on before the primaries even began to coronate Hillary ! Some of us still believe in democracy and we are willing to fight for it !