My Big Beef with Bernie
Andrew McLaughlin

Sorry but if you believe that Hillary has the values that Democrats stand for then you must be talking about the right wing of the Democratic party !

Hillary is so out of touch with progressives and it appears you must be also if you honestly think she is the prefered candidate in this election. People flock to Bernie because he is the only one with a long record of standing up for what the majority of the people in this country believe in ! Progressives and liberals alike have been screaming at the Democratic party to listen to them but their screams fall on deaf ears ! Many like myself have already left the Democratic party because Bill Clinton started moving the party to the right when he was president and it keeps moving even more to the right with each Presidency !

Bernie has always understood the people’s needs , Hillary mouths the words but she does not believe what she is saying , she is too out of touch with the working and middle class !

Don’t even suggest this flawed ,corrupt candidate is what the majority of people want because that is so far from the truth ! Speaking of truth, something Hillary has a problem with ,Bernie is honest he has integrity, Hillary is ruthless and she has never met a lie she wasn’t willing to tell ! We are tired of dishonest politicians !