Let’s be honest, Bernie and Hillary don’t represent the same class.
Devin Reynolds

You said something I have been saying for years . Until the upper middle class are affected by the economic crisis we will never hear anything about the problem ! It’s hard for me to feel sorry for them when I know they never gave people like me and our plight a second thought !

As far as Hillary supporters I had my day with them yesterday and today as they smugly call Bernie supporters poor losers for saying they are not supporting Hillary or if you say the primary was rigged !

You’re right they just don’t get it ,they want us to have their back when they wouldn’t have ours and now they add insult to injury by insulting us for not being supportive of their choice ! Why didn’t they speak out for democracy when they saw caucuses and primaries were being rigged against Bernie . I know they saw it ,they had to especially in Nevada,AZ and NY !

We had the chance to elect the one person who would do what he says , who would fight for ALL the people and thanks to the uninformed, unaffected and the rigging of this primary we lost this chance and will have to wait years until we can rid ourselves of the establishment that doesn’t hear us and replace them with people who will !

I want to say something here that I see a lot of people know is true but for whatever reason they chose not to talk about it . This primary was stolen from Bernie not won by Hillary and media played a role in it , the proof of election fraud is there for everyone to see ! If this keeps being swept under the rug like it was after Bush stole the election we will continue to see our elections being rigged and the status quo will remain in office. We have to speak out and keep speaking out and we have to change the system so this will never happen again ! What good does it do to vote for a good candidate when the establishment will rig the vote to favor their choice ? Why do you think these people keep being re-elected who you know the people don’t support ? To me the election system is the first place where changes must be made ,then superdelegates and the electoral college ! Do that and we might even be able to have a third party ! We also need to get on the ballot a vote to change the life long appointments of Supreme Court Justices . We should have terms for them like we have for the President and elections by the people ! Our entire system of government needs overhauling if it is ever going to be democratic !

They say they want to bring democracy to other countries with their regime changes but we don’t even have democracy in America ! How hypocritical !

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