Top Aquarium Supplies You Need

Aquariums are loved across the world because researches have revealed that watching the aquatics calms down our mind and refreshes it altogether. However, modern-day tanks have evolved a lot and the suppliers offer various products and supplies to make sure that the aquatics live long and healthy. The popularity of this product has ensured that these accessories and products are available easily not just at physical stores, but at aquarium online stores too.

In this post, we take a quick overview about essential supplies that a basic fish tank might need.

The substrate
· This material is important and the first one to buy as you decide to install one fish tank at your home or office.
· Substrate is considered one of the very important aquarium supplies, because it allows you to plant vegetations.
· It also works by holding and trapping the nutrients and friendly bacteria that help plants and vegetation grow and stay healthy.
· Bigger sized tanks should have 3 inches of substrate, whereas for medium sized ones, the recommended filling is around 2 inches.
· The ideal substrate is not bigger than the size of pea because it does not promote rapid hydrogen sulfide growth.
· Because of this, the growth or build-up of anaerobic bacteria can also be checked very easily.
· For aesthetic purposes, you can choose from different hues and colors and give a pleasing look to the installation.

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Water filters
· According to the experts, this is one of the very important aquarium products that help in keeping the tank in its top condition.
· You can use a sponge filter or the standard power filter to keep the water ideal for survival of aquatics.
· Aquarium online stores are a good medium to find the best range of filters so that you can buy the one depending upon your needs.
· For best results, it is always recommended to have reserve filters in case, the primary filter fails.

Temperature control devices
· Mostly fish that we can tame need warmer water for survival and therefore, temperature control units are important to help determine the temperature.
· Similarly, you will also need water-warming tools to keep water at an ideal temperature.
· Mostly tropical fishes require the temperature between 76 degrees and 80 degrees Fahrenheit for survival.
· A thermostat or an automated water heater should be purchased from a reliable store to keep the water at an ideal temperature.

Water Treatment and Testing Supplies
· Apart from temperature, the quality of the water also has to be maintained to let the pets inside the tank survive well.
· Therefore, water testing on a periodic basis is important and for this, a water testing kit is a must.
· This kit can determine the amount of ammonia and pH level in the water and warn you if it has touched dangerous levels.
· The ideal level of ammonia is zero and nitrates should fall below 40 ppm while pH level must be under 6.8.

Other very important aquarium supplies that you can purchase from aquarium online stores are -
· Plants and Vegetations — Live plants or artificial plants
· Lighting System
· Maintenance Supplies like a gravel cleaner, vacuum and pads, glass scraper, brush, a set of replacement filter pads
· Fish Foods that contain spirulina, shrimp, fish meal, and lobster shells

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