WarWest Eliminates The Need For Leveling

There is a pretty good chance that you’ve played strategy games in the past. These games are great, but they often require countless hours on your end. If you do not spend hours and hours playing, your characters will remain at weak levels. That will make it impossible for you to be competitive with long-term players. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to join a level playing field? How would you like to develop a strong army without needing to level up for hours on end? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, you’ll definitely want to learn a little bit more about WarWest.

Leveling No More

Most game developers love using a leveling system. After all, it gives them the ability to keep the player locked in for hours and hours. They understand that many will sit around and spend the entire day leveling up their characters. They don’t realize that the player is eventually going to grow bored and stop. This is where the developers of WarWest set themselves apart from the competition. The developers have decided to do away with the leveling. There is no leveling whatsoever. Instead, players will be able to jump right into the excitement right away.

Same Level Across The Board

Some players get an early start on the competition. They’ll even start playing in the beta stage or they’ll start when the game is first released. This is fine, but it does give them an advantage over new players and that isn’t fair. They’ll be at a much higher level and the newcomers won’t be able to compete with them. Thankfully, WarWest addresses this issue. Since there is no leveling, units all share the same level. As soon as you’ve started playing the game, you’ll be able to challenge long-term players. They might be able to strategize better than you, but their level won’t make a difference.

Make the right moves and you’ll be able to conquer veteran players on day one.

6 Cards System

If there is no leveling, then how is everything going to work? Well, the WarWest game system is both complex and simple. First and foremost, there is a 6 cards system. At the start, players will need to choose six cards. All unlocked cards will represent a spell or unit, available at full power once obtained. Since there are no levels, the game revolves around the player’s choices of the right cards combination. If they get it wrong, they’re going to be defeated by the competition right away. If they get it right, they’ll overcome the challenge.

The player will need to experiment with party compositions and seek out strong synergies to ensure that their party has what it takes to beat the enemy. The strategy here is real and evident. Since leveling up is now out of the equation, it isn’t going to make any difference.

Strategy Abound

Removing the leveling system from the game ensures that players will be forced to strategize to win. At the same time, it should be noted that WarWest will provide players with an abundance of options. As mentioned above, they’ll be required to assemble the best 6 cards party possible. The good news is that the game will offer more than 60 units and spells when it is first released. New ones will definitely be coming with future updates. This too enhances the strategy involved.With 60 cards to choose from, the player has to be careful to ensure that they get it right. One wrong card choice could ruin their chances of winning.

A New Strategy Every Time

Some games grow stale because they feature the same map over and over again. This is something that can really ruin a game’s long-term playability. This is where WarWest is far different from the competition. Despite being a mobile game, it is going to feature a game engine that is constantly evolving. This means that you’re going to see something new each and every time you play. Whether you’re playing alone or with others, the challenge will change each and every single time. This ensures that WarWest will be fun and exciting for the player for a very long time to come. It isn’t going to lose its fun after a few games.

A Real Challenge

Leveling up is a boring way to make your party better and more powerful. Some players want to skip the leveling up and jump right into the challenge. They want to be forced to think and strategize. This is what WarWest has to offer. The game is definitely going to force the player to analyze the challenge and find the enemy’s weaknesses. Then, they’ll need to choose the cards that will give them the ability to exploit those weakness. Those looking for a real challenge will definitely want to keep an eye out for WarWest!

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