Crash — a true story

Once in a while, when I run a distance run, something amazing unfolds. The first five or so miles, are very mental … but there’s a point where it all comes to the surface, along with your salted sweat. Depending on where you are emotionally, you have to get to a place where you let it all go. As your muscles ache, as your heart fights, you realize that something has to give if you’re gonna make the distance.

I was right there. Somewhere in DUMBO, the place where the old railroad tracks and cobblestone meet. And I literally ran into a fellow runner and stirred, stumbled, we crashed.

In this jolt, I lost my breath .. and then looked up into the kindest eyes… and saw a man who looked just like me, meet my own, as they brimmed up and I poured out of myself. I will never forget what he did.

I’ve got you, he said. And held on to my arm. And then he put his forehead on mine … skin to skin, sweat, salt and all … and he shook his no and said. Don’t stop. Before he kept running.

Thank you for kindness gentle stranger. You needn’t have, and yet you did. And the power of love and strength and encouragement took me all the way through to mile 2500 today.

This moment lasted perhaps 30 seconds. I will never forget.

Milepost Mile 2500 💪🏾

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