The moment was just as the sky broke open yesterday afternoon. The rain caught me in the streets and I was soaked and had taken shelter under the awning of a coffee shop. I stood there on the bench just outside, doing my crazy acrobatics trying to capture the stream of rain falling from the awning. I was lost in the beauty and the magic of the storm, and laughing and my heart was racing.

Then I turned around to find you there, on the other side of the glass, watching me. I was so struck by your beauty, my mouth must have fallen open … and you saw it happen, and smiled. I gestured … can I take your picture … and you gave me your eyes…. and I gave you my heart. And for that moment, I knew I had yours too. And the rain kept pouring down.

Beautiful stranger. Without a word spoken, we exchanged hearts ♥️ Thanks for the blissful moment. Always, I share my portraits in black and white. But you …. you I will remember in color

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