Why should you invest in Sparkle Token ICO on November 30th?

What is it?

In a nutshell it is two things a cryptocurrency and a way in which to connect with local automotive services via a useful app.

Why I will be investing in SparkleMobile?

With ICO’s it is always important to do your due diligence to ensure that you are not investing in a project that will not develop. The main reason why I feel that Sparkle Token is worth investing in is simple The proven team and established partners.

The Team

Jonah Glasgow — Founder and COO

Jonah has proven himself in the crypto community by leading what was a failing project (LINDA) through troubled times and establishing it to be one of the best up and coming crypto’s in the current marketplace. His personal areas of expertise focus on network design, more specifically unique planning and implementation of a computer network infrastructure. Some additional areas included marketing, brand identification, and most importantly team building. Jonah has constantly exceeded expectations in his previous project and I am excited to see what he can do with Sparkle.

Patrick Smith — CEO

Patrick is one of the most Positive, enthusiastic, motivational individuals you will ever meet. His passion for positivity and to help others achieve greatness is what motivates him on a daily basis.

With over twenty years spent prototyping, developing, and engineering new technologies, Patrick’s industrious perspective on technology drives him to constantly keep Sparkle Mobile at the forefront of this rapidly changing industry. After revolutionizing the drone industry with innovations like camera-equipped drones and gimbal technology, Patrick built and currently owns one of the leading companies in the rapidly growing Additive Manufacturing Industry.

His focus is to help others start and build their companies, and to help take their companies to another level. By combining his passions for building companies and Motivating teams, Patrick strives to push SPARKLE to the forefront of the industry where Mobile APP technologies collide with the amazing world of Blockchain Tech.

I have personally followed Patrick for the past 12 months and you will not find a more enthusiastic positive and helpful and entertaining CEO in the Crypto Community.

Matthew Randall — Cofounder and CBDO

With over 30 years of software development experience building desktop applications and game related development Matthew brings a very well rounded perspective and solution based focus to every project. Having re-entered the blockchain industry Matthew has created a major impact in just a short period of time with one of his contributions being to help bring the Lindacoin project forward. Matthew’s attention to detail and his years of development experience are just a few of the disciplines he brings to the Sparklemobile project.

Josh — Marketing & Communications Manager

A California native, Josh entered the automotive industry in 2008, after a brief career as a restauranteur. Now recognized for his milestones reached within Boden Autohaus, Josh has built some of the most over-the-top cars featured at SEMA. Josh has become an expert in Branding & Marketing, and now owns one of the fastest-growing aftermarket luxury car shops in the nation.

Stephen “Frost” Molander — Operations Manager

Stephen is CEO of Mr. Frost Solutions; a corporation that specializes in automotive paint correction, detailing and ceramic coatings. After 25 years of helping friends and family clean up their rides, and taking care of a hand full of clients on a part-time basis, he realized his true passion. He gave up his general manager position in excavation and snow removal to pursue building a full-fledged detailing business full time and it was the best decision he’s ever made.

As a third level auto-body technician with three years of training in body shops as a paint correction specialist, Stephen brings a unique expertise when it comes to working with his clients’ paint. He has provided over 200 hours of professional detailing demonstrations and thousands of hours practicing his skills. He has prepared over 500 vehicles for car shows across Canada.

Prior to embarking on his automotive paint correction journey, he dabbled in other entrepreneurial ventures in construction. His passion for vehicles, but also unrelenting drive to innovate proves that Stephen has what it takes to make SPARKLE a highly successful.

The list goes on and I would highly recommend you read the whitepaper in more detail to find out more. But in a nutshell the team have the crypto experience and the automotive experience, In addition to this they are very active on telegram and discord and like to be involved with community offering support and answering questions.


There are already 7 of the leading automotive detailers confirmed as partners on the website and the COO Jonah has stated “there are plans to add up to 200 partners in the coming months”

So as always do your own research but I believe that this is a project which will go places.

They will also be holding a bounty contest and airdrop to launch their ICO which starts on the 30th of November


TELEGRAM — https://t.me/Sparklemobile

DISCORD — https://discord.gg/kNXcaaY

AIRDROP — https://goo.gl/forms/6szUaXwe11bxyl8z1

BOUNTY COMPETITION — https://contest.sparklemobile.io/7729/5527909

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