What to know about RC Quadcopter GoolRC T37 selfie drone


Have you ever imagined what it would be like to capture a ‘selfie’ with a drone from a certain height? Here comes GoolRC T37 the world’s best foldable drone, an innovative selfie drone! Its debut makes UAV no longer MACHINE but the flying elf, making a breakthrough of imagination margin. Equipped with 720P Camera, T37 is ready to give it a full shot to reinvent your vision from a new perspective. Hesitate for what? Take this little cute selfie home!

The GoolRC T37 2.4G Wifi FPV Foldable Mini RC Selfie Drone comes in a sparkling red color in a well-packaged case. This is an innovative selfie drone for selfie lovers it comes with a high-quality camera of 720p to take great shots from different angles effortlessly. It has 3D flips with amazing agility offers a wide aerial show when connected with your smartphone you can easily control the small quadcopter to follow your instructions. Are you looking for a wifi real-time transmission FPV system which can capture videos and pictures of your experiences for future purpose?

This quadcopter is light in weight and easy to carry about. It is equipped with an advanced barometer to perform altitude hold and create more stable flights and higher quality aerials shot.

The selfie is the word of the decade now with more and more people engaging into this. With selfie sticks doing the rounds now, it would be a rather great idea to use a drone for this purpose. This is indeed one of the best uses of a drone.

This would mean a lot more people could fit into the picture and you would get a real aerial view. Besides, you could control the camera functions right from the base. This could well work as the longest distance selfie. Many people are beginning to embrace this technological advancement around drone technology.

Interestingly, these drones are most times used to take memorable pictures at events at great angles over a long distance. You can get the RC Quadcopter GoolRC T37 on our website.