Nothing much…
Joanne Luu

I love playing pool!!!! I, myself, am not the best pool player either, but I still think it is really fun! I think it is so cool that the U has so many different activities and places to go to throughout campus! This past summer during the President’s Emerging Scholars Summer Seminar, we ended our 5 days together by bowling in Goldy’s Gameroom! I had an amazing time! It was great to spend time with a lot of the PES members and mentors! This was also the first time I had Mesa Pizza! (It was delicious.) Since the U is such a big campus, I definitely think it is important to find your niche and have a sense of community! Student groups definitely provide this sense of security and makes the U feel like a home away from home! I love the advice Stacy provided and I completely agree! Having friends and being involved in student groups and trying new things has definitely made my experience here at the U so great and inviting! I came to the U from Florida and I knew absolutely no one and nothing about Minnesota. I didn’t know where anything was!!!! Getting a job at the Bookstore on East Bank during the summer was a great decision because I became familiar with the campus and how classes work and buying textbooks andI also made a few friends that I am still really close to today! I can’t wait to hear more advice from your student group board members! Maybe you should try a variety of different student groups! Since you have the cultural one down, maybe you should try to find a student group based on your interests!!!

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