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Well written article but…

Nostalgia is one thing, taste in music is another. This dude BUTCHERED that original Kondo tune with whatever ‘song’ you want to call this. I try my best not to be a cock about newer genres/sounds of music and I understand tastes vary but this was just a lazy ass excuse of a song… Let alone one that would warrant an entire article written about it (or at least a piece of it).

By the way, is it even possible for Lil’ Yachty (another lil’?) to feel nostalgic for something he only would have been able to slightly comprehend by the time he was… lets say, four years old (in 2000)? Doesn’t one need to experience the actual event as it’s happening in the time and place it’s from to actually have nostalgia for it? Are there ‘rules for nostalgia’?

Sorry, your article was well written but the main subject/song… eeegh.

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