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Here is my take on the story of a Global Warming Activist having a child. It goes to are Global Warming Activists doing enough to stop it?

If there are so many people who believe there is a problem, how come they are spending half of the money they make trying to stop it? I have come to the same idea, why haven’t all the Scientists put in half their retirement pay? If more people than not believe that Global Warming will be a problem, why isn’t everyone of them putting in a thousand dollars a year to promote advertising, clubs, groups, laws and activists to counter what’s going on. Why only 3 percent of motor vehicle sales are hybrid technology and less than one percent battery hybrids or battery? Shouldn’t everybody have sent a letter to their utility asking for more non carbon fueled electricity? If a person really wanted Hillary Clinton’s impact on Global Warming and not Donald Trump’s impact, why didn’t Clinton have 10 billion for the campaign instead of a billion?

The effort does not match the problem. We need 100 times the effort we are putting in now.

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