Midwives Matter: Expanding Midwifery in Malawi for Healthy Mothers and Babies

I loved reading this article about Malawi and a midwife organization. For about 11 years now I have wanted to become a midwife (I’m 21 now). In the last one to two years I have researched it more seriously and decided it would be better to become a certified-nurse-midwife instead of a certified-professional-midwife (also known as lay midwife). In the last few months I have wondered if I should still go for that type of degree. And somehow reading about this Christian health association gave me hope though this organization is not in the same hemisphere as I am (I live in USA). I personally know two families that were missionaries in Malawi and lived there for 7 years. And it is a country I would love to travel to and see for myself. I have heard from one of those families that becoming a midwife is a somewhat good way to get into a foreign country to work and assist people in need.

I really also enjoyed your statistics in your article about how having a child is on the danger spectrum.

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