How to Set Smart Goals: Goal Setting Process Explained

Science of Goals Setting

Goal setting is a subject that has altered many people lives all over the world. People who set goals can see the future in advance and know where they are going in life.

Goal setting is a process which needs patience and persistence for it to work properly. It helps you to live a life by design and set objectives for yourself, not living the day to day routine but instead give your life meaning, the results can be absolutely amazing. Think of it, you will be able to work out your imagination.

Remember that imagination has built cities, cure diseases, make the impossible possible in some cases. When you tap into this awesome power you will be able to design your life for the next 10, 20 or 60 years to come. Exciting right? I recommend taking your journal and a pen because if you are really serious you know that you need to take notes to deepen the learning.

Focus on the Future

Some of us are still living in the past and let their life continuously be pulled backwards. We should use the past as a school and use it as a tool for our future. Setting smart goals will make sure that the greatest pull in your life is the pull of the future and not the past. Whatever your goals and dreams are, know that it is possible, but you need to play your part to make it happen and it won’t happen overnight.

I can tell you that the effort, courage, failures and persistence you will put into the process of achieving your goals will make you a better and wiser person. The things you will need to learn and the obstacle you will face; you might think it’s hard but that’s the path that will make you someone worthy of the goals you set.

How to Come up with Goals:

Make sure you have at least 30 minutes to dedicate your focus to this process. Goals are the things that you desire, your aims and the things that excite you when you think about them. The dreams you want to be living in your mind’s eye and most importantly the thing that you are willing to put great effort in and be persistent to achieve them even when things get really tough.

Long Terms and Short Terms Goals

Long Terms Goals:

These are your dreams, your ultimate destination in life. What do you want to experience? Where do you want to go? What do you want to see? What do you want to achieve in this life?

Short Terms Goals:

Short term goals are the things you want to achieve today, tomorrow or this week. Short term goals are great because they help you get the mindset and encouragement to achieve your long term goals. As you achieve short term goals you develop a solid mindset that confirms that the process works and that it is possible to achieve your long term goals.

The State You Need to Be

First, you need to set yourself up in a peak state, you need to be inspired. The more your goals are powerful and have meaning, the more you will take action to achieve them. You need to feel very positive. I suggest if you are not in a peak state or you are thinking negative thoughts just do some exercises just to release endorphins into your system. This will get you excited and think clearly about your goals.


SMART means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.


Be clear, what do you exactly want?


Quantify your goal. How will you know if you’ve achieved it or not?


Be honest with yourself about what you can reasonably accomplish at this point in your life while taking into consideration your current responsibilities.


It has to be doable, real and practical.


Each goal need a time frame limit to be achieved, when should you complete the goals?

Write all your goals down.

Remember that you want to set goals in all areas of your life, to have balance. So that you can be successful in all areas. Now take your journal or a notebook and a pen. There is no limit to this exercise just go full out and write down all the things you dream of or want to in this life. There is no limit you can write 50 or a 100 it doesn’t matter, just put it on paper rapidly whatever comes to your mind. Don’t worry about the specifics or if it is realistic yet, just write them all on paper. I have written down the 8 areas of life that you need to focus on to have balance.

Areas of Life:

Inner Life.

Health & Fitness.

Family & Relationships.



Personal Growth.


Impact & Legacy.

Now below each area write an unlimited number of goals that you want to achieve in each of them.


Inner Life.

I want to start meditation

I want to start journaling

I want to start praying every day

Health & Fitness.

I want to lose 10 pounds

I want to start going to the gym

I want to start eating more salads and fruits

Family & Relationships.

I want to make a family trip every 3 months

I want to spend more time with my kids

I want to get married

I want to show love to my wife/husband

I want to cherish my parents


I want to become a famous model

I want to work for “X” company

I want to get a better job

I want an increase in salary

I want to become the CEO

I want to open a business


I want to become a millionaire

I want to start saving money

I want to save “X” amount by the end of the year

I want to earn more money

I want to make money online

Personal Growth.

I want to read more books

I want to get a life coach

I want to take courses

I want to start listening to podcast

I want to learn a new subject


I want to visit Paris

I want to travel the world

I want to go hiking

I want to go on a boat trip

I want to visit the pyramids

I want to fly an airplane

Impact & Legacy.

I want to be a legend

I want to be known around the world

I want to be famous

I want to make a better world

I want to help people in need

I want to give charity as much as I can

I want to build a school in Africa


Now that you have written your goals, the next step is to write the time frame YOU think it might take you to achieve a goal. Write the number of years you think it will take you to achieve a particular goal.


I want an increase in salary (1 Year)

I want to go on a boat trip (2 years)

I want to become a millionaire (5 years)

I want to become the CEO (3 years)

That being said, now write all your 1 year’s goals for this year, 2-year goals for next year and so on.

If you have goals set for 5 years from now that’s great, this will give you something to work towards for a long time.


Goals are what keeps us alive and make us do things we are afraid to do. This process makes us better and wiser human beings. The things you will have to face to achieve your goals are unpredictable but when faced, your attitude towards it will determine how bad you want that goal. It doesn’t matter what people thinks about you, believing in yourself is enough. You know what you are doing and why you are doing it, you will pay the price of discipline and later have the applause you deserve, that’s what’s exciting.

Get on with the game.

You are Great!

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