A Major Decision

Anchor question: How important is having the right major in getting employed in the video and motion graphics production industry?

Figuring out what to major in can be stressful, confusing and deceiving, but is it even relevant? I wanted to find out if the video and motion graphics industry truly cares about what degree you have and what your grades are. Is it possible to find a good job in this industry without having the most prestigious degree?

I emailed some alumni with a brief description of my question and asked for a short phone call to discuss it. All but two did not respond despite sending follow-ups. An alumnus working at Interactive Media in DC said that his company doesn’t care at all. He said his company doesn’t even consider the degree during the hiring process. All they care about is your portfolio and what kind of work you’ve done.

A freelance motion designer I contacted was generous enough to schedule a fifteen-minute phone call with me. Although he works for himself, he mentioned in his experience having a solid degree from a good school does play a factor in hiring. They want to hire competent young people with the ability to learn, and having a strong degree helps show that. However, he mentioned not having a college degree at all is also acceptable in the industry, and at the end of the day it’s the work that you’ve done that speaks for itself.

It was actually refreshing to hear these two takes on my question. It’s nice to hear that a person can control their own destiny in the industry without having an expensive four year degree. Sure, the degree helps, but the lack of one won’t automatically shut you out.