Change your mindset first. Then, build some habits.

We all have the same amount of hours in a day. What you do within those hours, minutes and seconds is what counts towards progress. Yet, why do we find it so difficult to make time for language learning? Do we not see the value that speaking a new language can have on our lives? …

In the online polyglot community, you’ll often see people post their language exam results or share study techniques to prepare for an upcoming exam. We’re seeing more people with full-time jobs unrelated to languages are taking exams in their free time.

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On the one hand, language exams are useful if you’re looking for a very standard way to prove your level. This is generally when you’re applying for a job in another language, regardless of the field. Companies or schools require a certification to see if you can communicate in the language. …

Lindie Botes

UI/UX designer & Polyglot YouTuber | Blogging about language learning & design. Elsewhere online:

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