My love letter (and goodbye?) to Austin

Who’s your coach or mentor? I’d love to know and am genuinely curious. WOW this is longer than I realized. It sounds like to me you’re in a tough pickle. You’ve got a really good story going on here about what’s so here in Austin and you’re looking for a way to justify your story. And that’s cool. Totally get that being a black man, raising funds in Austin for a B2C, and being hugely passionate about a clear opportunity, having vision and the data to back up should prove that it’s ‘enough’ to get it over the line here in Austin. Totally agreed. Wow that is a lot. Holy shit a lot to take on all by yourself. And yes raising funds is hard. And the story it sounds like you’re telling yourself is that by moving, it’ll be easier. Maybe it will or maybe it won’t. I don’t have an agenda either way. But what it really sounds like to me that you really deep down truly want is a breakthrough in your own leadership. Come’on, you can admit it, it’s a story. It’s okay. I love you already. It sounds like you’re at the end of this story and you want to re-create from a powerful place something that supports you and Localeur into massive, hockey-stick style growth. I’m more interested and intrigued by your vision. What do you see as possible? What are you really committed to and up to in this world? I have it that one thing that you aren’t really present to right now is the laundry list of connections in your network that are actually willing and able to invest in Localeur. Hell even AngelList isn’t seen as an option yet but perhaps it’s been dismissed as an option. Dunno. It sounds like to me that for you to make an empowered decision about the best actions for you and your team is to get to a place where you’re clear on what support you do have, what resources are available to you, and most importantly what it is you want to create. Once you have a WHY and you get super present to that why… that clarity on next steps becomes clear. It may be moving. By clearing that space though, you might also see other avenues. My commitment to you though, I don’t even know you, is that you are one hell of a human being that is far more capable, inspirational, and powerful than you even realize. And I want you to unlock your breakthrough that is just around the corner for you. You are right there:

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