There are many ways how to name the deliverable. It can be a presentation, an artifact, a prototype, wire-frame, the specs for engineering or everything altogether.

It’s not always the case that the deliverable show the final version of what the product will look like or the real view after being implemented. In often cases deliverable serve to make validation, to help in decision making, to criticize and to make improvements.

For us this is a very tangible manifestation way of thinking. Not everyone understands the terminology or the expressions we often use when presenting or discussing about a certain…

There’s a reason why the text quotes are there 😔

The language used when building a product or service is of a high importance. We had and still have many cases where it takes time to the user to understand the real message behind an action.

The way we speak to the user defines the way the user behaves toward our product. It is very important that the level of communication shall be understandable and human friendly enough in order to create a bond. When the language is not clear, same as in the real life situations, the user doesn’t really understand what’s going on. …

Why user experience is all about to what we say no to.

We build many systems which have huge amount of information. The information type can be :

  1. Physical information — the objects that engage our perception and cognitive faculties.
  2. Semantic information — written, visual, and spoken language.
  3. Digital information — the stuff information and communications technologies (ICT) use.

These three types of information are the interrelated layers of an environment, and they help to shape our basic human experience. We have to figure out how to visually represent that information in a way that people can understand what’s going on and see the important things in front and shadow the less…

Ghost in the shell

We use our brain on many decision making situations and don’t always choose what is best for us. Let’s take the example of smoking or drinking alcohol. People are rationally poisoning themselves. Let’s have a look at our brain where all this happens.

The mid-brain is commonly known as the one which deals with our emotions. The old brain deals with primal urges and the new brain deals conscious decisions. But the mid-brain does not handle only the emotions, it deals with judgment too. We often base our decision making on the judgment. Let’s say we meet a person for…

As User Experience Designers we know we have to help the users making decisions and enjoy using a product. Be the user advocate and adequately address each of their pain points. We have to look for ways to induce positive emotions to the users as we design for them.

This is a challenge of it’s own because:

  1. We have to identify what is it that the user doesn’t need, use or like
  2. What is it that makes him/her feel frustrated.

⚠️ Internet marketing

Internet marketing has been and is still being very aggressive with the users. The business want to attain as many…

A guide into understanding a User Experience Designer

For those who are still doubting whether to hire a UX Designer, UX/UI Designer, UI Designer, Graphic Designer etc.

I still think this an ongoing topic and not yet very clear. It has a lot of uncertainty among businesses and not yet a clear understanding.

Often times I hear people complains: “He/She had an amazing portfolio, very impressive, but it’s not actually what we’re looking for.” Immediately after I heard this, a job position (which I read somewhere) pops up : UX/UI Frontend Designer/ Developer !!!

Are you even aware of what you’ve just written? This question goes to the…

sketched by me Lindi Reka

Starting immediately with a real life example will make the topic more easy to understand . When we go in a shop or to another place to have a service, in most of the times we have to wait in the line. Ask who is the last and at times enter in debates about who came before whom. For a long time it has been like this. For other cultures there isn’t even a line. We’ve seen cases where people fight with each other and even try to push or to cheat just to get the spot. This kind of…

The different definitions of the word “design” in everyday language have contributed to a lack of precision in understanding the job of a UX Designer.

Design is generally understood as the physical or visual product derived from the activity, but the activity itself is often skipped. The public tends to perceive “design” as referring to objects or visuals, but designers on the other hand, tend to center the word on action, and see the product as a final step in a long journey. To design is to invent, to project, to program, to coordinate a long list of human and…

Emotions are part of what makes life interesting — be it joy or sadness, excitement or contentment — every day we are making decisions, as well as describing things, most of the time based on how the world around us makes us feel.

We now want our designs to be a big part of a user’s world, and to do that we need to design products which create an emotional experience. Approaching this task it’s a challenge of its own.

People want to live joyfully. What kind of clothes we wear, what kind of car we parked outside, what kind…

When we’re trying to design, if we make assumptions without information they just turn in giant risks .

We have so many books of design and so many free sources to get inspired and when it comes to real life product such as iTunes or Googles tries and failures of their so called social media are just terrible. And even though they have all the data they still don’t understand people.

Why do bad products exist when we actually know how to make good ones?Why are there some good products and some bad products?

This is because we live in…

Lindi Reka

A passionate Product/UX Designer with a strong background in simplifying user interfaces by enhancing user experience. Workshop facilitator 📋

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