10 Things to Read in Your 20's

In January I turned 30. A few days before my birthday, I typed up this list. I’ve been meaning to share this more broadly for awhile. It’s not so much FOR twenty-somethings, as it is, a list of the things that made the biggest impact on me before I hit thirty.

  • On Life — When I’m Gone
    You’ll need tissue for this one. Then call your parents just to say hi.
  • On Love — The Five Love Languages
    Great advice on learning to identify and communicate love to your partner.
  • On Gender — Lean In
    Data-based narrative that validated so many gender issues you’ll encounter while navigating professional pathways.
  • On Choices — The Feminine Mistake
    Discusses why women should stay in the workplace. Particularly useful for those who had a stay-at-home Mom.
  • On Perspective — If I Knew Then: Advice on Careers, Finance and Life from HBS Class of 1963
    (Mostly white male) musings on how a privileged few managed their finances and families, five decades after receiving the world’s most elite MBA.
  • On SF — The Seven Year Rich
    Published in 2008, this article remains shockingly relevant in tech town.
  • On Osama bin Laden — The Shooter
    Nail biting thriller about the military mission to take down the terror leader.
  • On Children — How to Name a Baby
    A few approaches for expectant parents.
  • On Work — Onward
    Personal and passionate prose from Howard Schultz, founder and CEO of Starbucks. Fascinating behind the scenes on new product launches and operating details normally out of public view.
  • On World Affairs — Escape from Camp 14
    A first-hand account of life inside a North Korean labor camp. Horrific in it’s detail. An important account of a massive humanitarian crisis.