Believe it or not, but you have to practice!

Practicing is of big importance in the world of figure skating because it is such a technical and hard sport to master. If you want to achieve results; just like anything else in life, you need to practice and then practice until you can’t practice anymore. I find with the younger generation, the children expect perfection pretty fast and this isn’t the way the world works.

Not only does a skater need to step on the ice each practice with their head in the game, but the body needs to be in shape and healthy. The skaters attitude is also important because if they don’t want to be there, then there isn’t much hope for them to progress and succeed. There is nothing more painful than coaching a skater who doesn’t want to be there because it’s a waste of everybody’s time. So before you step onto the ice next practice make sure you have a positive mindset and passion for the sport! It is not the skaters parents job to help you succeed or their coaches, but the skaters responsibility to get to where they want to be with the help of their parents and coach.

Warming up before practice and stretching after practice will help in the long run towards more successful practices. It’s the little things that you incorporate into your practicing routine each day that make the big difference in the long run. The extra lap around the ice during warm up, the extra ten minutes spent on spins, that program run through that you thought you would never make it to the end on. The next time you go to practice whatever it is you struggled with, it will become more easier each time. Don’t lose the hope and keep practicing!