Are you feeling self-conscious about saying “no” to alcohol in social situations? Here are 16 phrases you can use to turn down a drink.

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Imagine that you are recently sober, and you are hanging out with friends or family. Someone comes up to you and offers you an alcoholic beverage. You look around and see that other people are drinking alcohol. If you have not previously thought about what you might do in this situation, you might find yourself thinking:

What do I do?

Everyone else is drinking. Is it going to be weird if I don’t drink?

Should I tell people that I’m not drinking?

Self-Care Strategies You Can Use To Lift Your Mood And Fill Time

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For what felt like the hundredth time in the past two months, I found myself sitting in front of a computer screen listening to someone tell me that they want to slow down on drinking, but they don’t know how to stop. Like many others, they explained that they begin each day intending to take a break from drinking, and yet they almost always find themselves drinking each night.

It seems that downtime can be a blessing and a curse. Two months into social distancing, cabin fever is starting to wear on all of us. I have witnessed a distinct change in a lot of people. Lately, I’ve been seeing more and more people that never had a drinking problem before becoming daily drinkers, and people that were strong in their conviction to abstain from substance use start to rationalize that using again isn’t a big deal. …

Here’s how you can distinguish between casual drinking and a drinking problem.

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Recently, a friend told me about a co-worker that was openly drinking vodka during a virtual work meeting at 10:00 am. He qualified this story by sharing that people in his office have become increasingly casual while working from home. He then asked if he should be worried about his co-worker.

Obviously, without meeting this person, it is hard to determine whether they made a bad choice, or whether they have a problem…BUT, regardless, the behavior is potentially worrisome for a couple of reasons.

If you are the only person drinking during a work event, you might have a problem. …


Lindsay Bowling, LPC

Mental Health Counselor, Substance Abuse Counselor, Wellness Instructor, Digestive Illness Advocate & The Human Half of a Therapy Dog Team

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