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Just sign the contract, Ana

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  1. Rockin’ Around the Hanukkah Bush: As the proprietor of her local cupcake shop, Christina (Lacey Chabert) is busier than ever as she prepares for the upcoming Christmas season. But when the results of her 23andMe test reveal she’s 1/4 Jewish, Christina must find a way to celebrate her newly-discovered heritage…

As mothers who write, all we are asking for is one goddamn room of our own

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  1. Identify and Avoid Triggers. Social media can…

I’m sorry about the state of my apartment, but my boyfriend just broke up with me.

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HIS 403: American Exceptionalism

Instructor: Dr. J. Farrell, Ph.D.

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  1. Jessie and the Trouble with Screen Time: Jessie can’t wait to bond with her new clients, but soon discovers that they prefer to stare listlessly at their tablets while ignoring her completely.
  2. Kristy’s Big Protest: Kristy organizes a group trip to a Black Lives Matter rally, but Mary Anne’s conservative…

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