We all do product marketing a little differently. I can’t say that I’ve heard of two product marketing teams that operate the exact same way. We aren’t accountants. We don’t have that kind of standardization. And that’s okay. But there does need to be more definition and consistency than we have today.

There are a lot of good articles out there on product marketing in general, but I don’t find that they don’t provide enough specificity for practitioners.

Product marketing being squishy and ill defined means that other teams or leaders will define it for you based on their experience…

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Why should you read this blog post?

Only read this if you have over 100 emails in your inbox right now and/or email rules your work life. You’ll get a rundown of my email habits. My processes have been refined over time (and I’m still improving them). It started many years ago after too many days of realizing my inbox gave me stress. I had an ah-ha moment. Yes, it came with a lightbulb. From then on I decided not to let spammers, too-eager sales reps, or verbose co-workers have that kind of impact on my time.

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“Friction unlocks the full potential of working together. When triggered, your ancestral preference for group survival through collaboration over isolation aligns interests in a powerful way.” — From The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky

I’ve been a product marketer for over seven years. And in 2019 my role changed… product marketing isn’t my sole focus anymore. It’s still part of my remit, but I have other teams to steward now. It’s an odd feeling to take a step back from something that’s been such a true passion. As we close this year I’ve been reflecting on what it means to…

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This part of a product manager’s job is not widely discussed, yet is critical. It’s a key aspect of those good ‘ole soft skills. You must listen constantly and communicate constantly. That’s your job. It’s really about cultivating meaningful relationships throughout your company. As you think about improving cross-functional communication, take stock of the company culture, common practices and taboos. Use what already exists to your advantage and be aware of what may need to evolve.

Polish Those Communication Skills

You have to be a great communicator or at a minimum commit to improving your communication skills in order to succeed. …

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Written by Lindsay Bayuk and Virgilia Pruthi

In the tech industry, people focus heavily on building “hard skills” that translate into tangible benefits, such as career growth. While it’s absolutely critical to upskill in technology (see Lindsay’s day job at Pluralsight), we have found that leaders don’t spend enough time or money investing in their team’s “soft skills.” In 2019, Linkedin listed persuasion, collaboration, and adaptability among the top five most in-demand skills. Take a moment to reflect on your own workplace as well as your teams. We think you will agree: work life would be better if more individuals…

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“You have to exhibit the courage you want people to have.” — Patty McCord

Let’s face it. We’ve all done it. We’ve all smiled in front of someone’s face, fibbed that something went great, and then suffered in silence (instead of speaking up to share a concern). It’s easy; it’s comfortable to keep the peace. No one wants to be mean. Everyone wants to be liked.

The problem is that if you’re really good at your job — at being a leader — it means you’re a change agent. You’re here to create new futures, pursue new ideas, alter the…

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How is your product marketing team organized?

Look — the traditional organizational model is on its way out. It’s no longer effective for even the largest of organizations. The top-down, command and control model doesn’t suit the knowledge workers of today. It’s too rigid to enable the speed of communication and decisions to stay competitive.

I’ve read How Google Works, Work Rules, Team of Teams, Creativity Inc., articles on organization design, etc. which all touch on leadership principles and changing org structures. …

Do your homework!

Dorothy Parker once said, “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” The same can be said of any great product marketer. The curiosity of any great product marketer is insatiable.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” — Dorothy Parker

Being as informed as possible empowers you during the interview to ask thorough questions. And don’t wait until the end of the interview for you questions. Ask clarifying questions throughout. The best product marketers will ask questions during the interview and engage interviewers.

Here are seven highly suggested tips for…

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The world of product marketing can feel like the unexplored terrain of a not-to-distant, yet ever changing planet. Those tackling the challenge of bringing new products to market develop a thick-skin to ward off self-doubt while occasionally letting off some steam with a little sprinkling of sarcasm (okay heavy sarcasm).

As the central focal point for go-to-market strategy, the product marketer is both a sounding board and a decision-maker that is held accountable by many stakeholders including product management, sales, the rest of marketing, leadership and the customer. …

If you’re half-hearted about something, just don’t do it. As cliché as it might sound, you really do need to love what you do. Okay, maybe not everyone needs to love their work, but I do. Working at a startup like Pure Chat is too hard, too ambiguous and too unpredictable to not love what I do. If you’re part of an entrepreneurial endeavor that you don’t care about, just stop. It won’t work.

If you don’t care you’ll take shortcuts. You’d be motivated by just revenue, not people. Your product or service will start to suffer as a result…

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