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Coronavirus has put our world in a state of fight or flight / shock and trauma. Our collective nervous systems via the media and social network streams are flooded with both real crisis information, and a significant amount of mis- and dis- information. The data is confusing and over-consumption of information is addicting.

More than ever, we need to support each other to find inner peace and calm to get to the other side of this with greater resilience and fortitude.

Meditation is one obvious at-home practice you can start now to help you get there. Added bonus — it’s…

Hurdle fear, depression, and maybe even experience transcendence — this article will get you up to speed with technology enhanced meditation and mindfulness, from home devices to techno-clinics and techno-retreats.


We do not have a universal definition for enlightenment (yet), but we do know that the ancient sadhus and sages used meditation as a vehicle for their efforts. Although now with the advent of the internet and the information age, the ancient teachings of meditation, mindfulness, and enlightenment are more easily accessible (and teachable) to the masses. Higher states of consciousness are now much less exotic. But first, we must…

Lindsay Briner

Transformative Executive Coach + TransTech Consultant, PhDc Helping individuals and organizations reach flow states, traits, and beyond. Visit lindsaybriner.com

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