Dear Racist America, this one is for you.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I see you. I see your pain and I understand.

I see through every brick in your wall of ignorant hate.

And do you know what I see?


I see your ignorance and your fear of what you don’t know. I see into your soul where a sad, fearful little child is curled up in a ball in agony over your personal choices in this life. I see how insecure and inferior you feel, and how that manifests as superiority and racism. I see how afraid you are of what you don’t understand.

And that’s why I don’t fear you. Because I understand you. I understand that you are fueled by fear and ego. I understand your weakness.

I see how little you feel inside, so instead to hide it you choose to belittle others in a failing attempt to make yourself feel big.

I see how you suffer inside because you feel so lousy about yourself, so instead you inflict your hate upon others.

I see how your anger is eating you up inside because you falsely think the world or this country owes you something that you haven’t earned and you haven’t gotten it, so instead you blame anyone who’s different than you. Because if you make it their fault, you will never have to take personal responsibility for your life. And that’s just easier right?

I must ask, what exactly are you so afraid of? While your so busy looking at anyone who is different from you as scary or inferior, you’re missing a really big point. Most of us are looking at you saying, “Is this f*cking joker for real right now?” You don’t scare us, you’re a joke.

Does it really feel so good to be filled with so much hate? Do you enjoy it? When you sit down with yourself alone at night and you look in the mirror, do you still feel as good as you felt in front of your pals when you hurled that hateful racist nonsense at some innocent person?

Do you feel like a big bad warrior for picking on some defenseless person with a group of your friends?

Do you feel so good about yourself for posting some bullsh*t on your social media while you hid behind your computer? Does that help you sleep at night? Do you really pat yourself on the back for gobbling up the ignorant hate you’ve been spoon fed your entire life?

None of these things make you strong. In fact, they make you sad, weak and pathetic. The fear you inflict upon others doesn’t make you strong. You just think it does. But all that’s doing is chipping away at your soul little by little.

And here’s the thing, I understand you because I understand myself. And I will love you through all of this. I will love all of you though the chaos. I will love you through your ugly hatred, but I will not stand for it.

I will also let you know, this is not your America.

You are not the majority.

You are the minority.

Those of us who stand in love will promote our agenda of love in the face of your hate. We won’t watch silently as you harass our neighbors, friends and loved ones.

I don’t give a sh*t what Trump said while campaigning for president. And I don’t give a sh*t how many people voted for him. Because I understand one thing: Trump got elected to say f*ck you to the establishment and politics as usual. Not because America has a racist majority. You ARE the minority.

There are few of you, and you are severely outnumbered.

If you think that America is now your playground and you will have no consequences for your actions, you are wrong. We the people will defend our neighbors no matter what color, religion, or sexual orientation they happen to be. We will stand up to you. And so will the government. Because we who choose love are the majority.

So to those who think this is your free pass to break out your Neo-Nazi clown suits or your pathetic little white robes, stop right now, because the America I know will not hand this country over to your scared little selves. And by the way, it’s a real brave person who hides behind a mask.xx

If you think this is now your time to spew hate and scare others, it’s not. Because I see you. And I will watch as I know others are watching. And we won’t give our country to you.

I’m not here to shame you or lecture you. I’m not here to hate you. Because that would make me just like you. I’m here to tell you that I see you. I feel you. And I will love you throughout all of your insane, delusional, childish darkness. But I will also stand up to you.

You’re angry. I get that. But have you ever paused to look outside your own self-absorbed bubble?

Everyone is angry.

I will not allow you to force me into choosing hate.

I will shine so much light into the darkness of your soul, that you will have no choice but to submit to the love or run crawling away back to the hovel you came out of, like a vampire scrambling from the sun. There is light on this planet and their is love on this planet and it will shine a big ass mirror back at you, so you can see just how ugly you’ve become.

I will not allow you to speak for the majority. I will not silently witness as you perpetuate the cycle of your childish and ignorant fears that you learned from your parents. You are not the voice of America, no matter what your hateful little ego whispers to you. I will shine truth into your delusions.

We don’t want your hateful rhetoric and violent actions against others. We don’t want your sad little delusions that say you’re better than anyone else because of their skin color, religion or sexuality.

We love our diversity here.

The funny thing is that some of the people you hate so much…’re just like them! Ouch, right? That’s why you hate them so much. They scare you because they are MIRRORING YOU! They are showing you exactly what you loathe about yourself! Those jihadist extremists that you fear and judge so harshly are just like you — -closed-off, closed-minded, brainwashed, hate-filled, fearful fools who think that killing n the name of their beliefs and superiority is accomplishing anything.

At least they are getting 40,000 virgins (or something like that) in the afterlife for their deeds. You? You’re just an idiot.

And you know what? We’re tired of idiots here.

The choice is yours now. You can choose to free yourself and free your mind from the shackles of ignorance, or you can choose to sit there and rot. It’s up to you now. The world is evolving and you can choose to stay where you are or evolve with it.

Welcome to 2016. This is an age of information. Teach yourself. Learn. If you’re so brave and strong, show us. Step outside your fear and your ego and go talk to someone who’s different than you. And if you pull your head out of your ass long enough, you just might discover that you’re exactly the same.