Candle Making Tips Proper Tips

Lindsay Imhoff
Jan 7 · 2 min read

Hi, this is Lindsay with Let us share with you today the importance of using the correct wick when making candles.

Now here I have a candle that is a container candle because the candle stays in the container as you light it. Now this is going to be used to create a pillar candle or a molded candle, something just like this.

Of course, this one is going to be in the shape of a circle, but this is a molded candle that does not sit in a container.

Okay, so when you’re choosing your wicks, you want to make sure that you read what the wicks are for. Then what I do is go ahead and write on here what it’s for.

So this is my soy candle wax wick, and it’s for a one to two inch container candle. The soy that I use is only good for container candles, so that I know this wick is always good for a soy container candle.

Now here I have a wick that is good for a three to four inch container candle and this is for a paraffin wax. So make sure when you get your wicks, they usually come in little bags like this if you order through General Wax. And it says on there what type of wick it is, you can use my handy wick guide at, and then you’ll just be able to write on here exactly what kind of candle that is used for, whether it be a container candle, or a molded pillar candle. If you liked this tip, you’re going to love my free lesson on how to make candles easy. — Candle & Soap Making

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