Event Marketing Tactics that Really Work

Event marketing has been around for ages. From corporate sponsorships of events, to using event activations to drive traffic and brand awareness, the consensus is that events work. The best event marketing however, is when the experience goes from being exclusively offline to having online elements as well. By creating a bridge between the online and offline experience brands not only reach more people, but they can also tap into ways that make the experience even better for participants. Of course, these tactics certainly vary based on the goals of the campaign, but overall we’ve seen the following tactics achieve their desired results.

Engage in advance.

Many events make the mistake of simply putting their info out there and expecting people to get excited. There are cases when this does happen, but it’s usually just for events that already have a huge following. The best way to get people excited about an event is to talk about it! Here’s a few easy ways to engage in advance:

  • Create a Facebook event and post regularly on it
  • Reach out to local media and do interviews
  • Respond to social chatter and curate conversations

Provide memorable experiences through fun photo ops.

If people are coming to your event, it’s because they have an interest in your brand or the experience being offered. Serve up exclusive photo ops that participants can pose with and post on social media. Be sure to include your desired hashtag so you can track the results. A few examples include:

  • Life size letters of your event (or the event hashtag)
  • A photo booth
  • Celebrity meet and greets
  • Social media photo contests

Bonus: Offer photos from the aforementioned photo ops for free! This can be in the form of a photo booth, Facebook album with high res photography, or any other high quality photography service that’ll result in social sharing.

Utilize influencers.

Influencers can aid in the promotion of the event as well as add to the experience. From celebrities to local influencers, well-known individuals can help get the conversations about your event started. Specific tactics include:

  • Facebook Live Q&As
  • Twitter Chats
  • Social takeovers (Instagram and SnapChat work great!)
  • Meet and greets (see above)
  • Live speaking engagements at or prior to the event

Unlock giveaways.

Bottom line, people love free stuff. By incorporating interesting ways to give people free merchandise (before or during the event) you can add to the experience while also distributing branded chotchkies and building email lists or your social following. A few giveaway tactics include:

  • Prizes for the first X number of attendees
  • Social media sweepstakes
  • Giveaways in exchange for email sign ups

For events that already have a strong brand affinity (marathons, concerts, etc.), there are opportunities to capitalize on it even further. Selling branded items, exclusive to the event, can add to revenue while continuing to promote the experience of the event.