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You are better for having been broken

You are better for having been broken. You are the beauty of the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. You, my friend, are wabi sabi, incarnate.

An exercise in scraping perfection for good enough

I talked to David today about my quote unquote writer’s block over slices of reheated pizza. With the two of us, we’re just as likely…

How to write better business emails

If your business is online (and I certainly hope it is), chances are you send out emails to customers or clients or fans or subscribers from time to…

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Working hard for a better tomorrow. Tomorrow.

The art of web content

There are many elements to good SEO. It’s all about having good content, and good content isn’t just a nice “About” page or some meta descriptions. Think bigger…

The science of social media

Is it witchcraft that draws you into Facebook time and time again, or maybe you’re just a sucker for clicking on those heartwarming, Upworthy, restore-your-faith…

Who edits the editor?

Nobody’s writing is perfect. But when you’re an editor, your writing is supposed to be pretty darn close. And when you’re on a deadline, even more so.

Realizing George Harrison

I’ve had my mind set on George Harrison lately.

I recently got back into the Beatles a few months ago, thanks in part to the mashup masterpiece…

That time my brother got shot in Oakland

Come to Oakland, I said. It’s not that bad, I said. Our neighborhood is very safe, I said. It’s really not as bad as everyone…

Around the world in 40 books

My year in reading

I read 40 books this year.

This may or may not be a surprising number to you. Either way, it

The “G” word

A tale of gentrification in Oakland

“There’s no such thing as reverse racism. There’s just racism.”