DC’s Leadership Void & How to Navigate it
Amy K. Dacey

Dear Amy,

The choice you describe here is not exclusive to the corporate world, but does relate to a challenge facing all those who attempt to make headway in service of their cause/investors/boardroom/peers: how to break through the noise?

You may recall that, during April’s W20 Summit in Berlin, a group of distinguished women led a panel to discuss economic empowerment. Speaking alongside Canadian Minister for Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland, IMF Director Christine Lagarde, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ivanka Trump stole the headlines.

When evaluating how to lead, your clients have a fatty, saturated media environment they have to cut through. They need bright, refreshing storytelling to cleanse their audiences’ palates and substantive asks that nourish the media-weary to action. People love to feel needed, and creating a clear way to answer that need is a way to begin to rebuild the trust businesses have lost.