Day 3: Selfoss, Kerid Crater, Hallgrímskirkja

On our third day in Iceland, we woke up feeling more refreshed and adjusted to the time difference. We set out to see a few more destinations along the Golden Circle. Our first destination was a town called Selfoss. It was a quaint town, with not too much to see or do. The drive there was beautiful and led to a number of stops that involved taking pictures. Our drive to Selfoss was our favorite part because we got to stop at a beautiful overlook and take pictures. We also found a really cool memorial site that we wanted to check out.

When we arrived in Selfoss we decided to do some driving around the town to see what it was like. For the most part it felt very Americanized with a variety of stores for food, clothing, and other goods. We drove over toward a bridge that caught our attention and decided to get out and take some pictures. The sun was still rising so it made for some beautifully colored photos. We also captured the running river in the background. Then we proceeded to drive to this small airport right down the road, only to get our car nearly stuck in the snow (not advised). We made a quick turn around and saved ourselves from having to dig our car out with no shovel.

After leaving Selfoss we headed back toward Thingvellir National Park, only this time we were driving towards Kerid Crater. This is something that I recommend to any tourist whether you visit in the winter or in the summer months. I was skeptical about going to the crater because a lot of people who reviewed this attraction did not rate it highly in the winter months. They claimed that it was not worth the money. I however, strongly disagree. I don’t think my pictures, or any truly do it justice. It was a mere 4 dollars to go see the crater, but not only do you get to see it, you get to walk around the outside of it. So, it ended up being one big, kind of scary, but exciting hike.

We stopped along the way and took photos, but we couldn’t get super close because of the amount of ice. If you travel in the summer months some tour groups actually hike down in the crater but as you can tell by the ice, it was off limits for us. The so-called hike was more like a walk but at times it did get a littler scary because of the ice. The site provides ropes for tourists to hold onto so you don’ t slip, but one thing I learned about Iceland is they don’t provide “safety barriers” like the ones in America. Everything is a “go at your own risk”. I didn’t feel unsafe doing it, but I can imagine if there were more people there I would have felt more nervous. There were a lot of great spots along the way to take pictures of the crater, and also during some of the high peaks we were able to get a great view of Thingvellir National Park and other fields and mountains nearby.

Our next stop that day was the famous Hallgrímskirkja church in Reykjavik. It was a beautiful church to stop and take pictures of. However, I must admit that I did not think it was the prettiest church in all of Iceland. In fact, we probably wouldn’t have even gone to it if there wasn’t so much hype about it on travel sites. It was really cool to take pictures of and see the inside of, but we didn’t feel it was worth our money to go up to the top and take pictures. Overall it was a beautiful site and I wish I could have spent more time looking at the inside, but we had to leave quickly because there was a 50-person tour group coming in right behind us.

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