Art by Anna Hurley, Monica Ahanonu, Spencer Gabor, and Alice Lee

Maya Ealey — Brand Designer and Illustrator at Asana

Noun Project Mac App

  • Creators who’ve had a significant…

Hi Angela! Tell us about yourself — how did you get to where you are today?

From L to R, Top to Bottom: 1. Healthcare worker in scrubs, face shield and a mask 2. Woman working on an airplane motor at North American Aviation in Long Beach California, 1942 3. Lt. Madeline Swegle in Kingsville, TX, 2020 4. Annie Easley at NASA’s Lewis Research Center in 1955

Photos by Suzanne Strong (From L to R, Top to Bottom: Women’s March in Los Angeles, 2016; Traditional Zulu Wedding in South Africa; Choreographer JaQuel Knight; Natural Hair Beauty Photoshoot.

Lindsay Stuart

Director of Marketing & Communications at Noun Project and Lingo.

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